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Misters & Rotors Sales and Installation

Misters & Rotors

Not every company builds a lawn sprinkler system the same way. There are many ways of building that can affect the quality of an irrigation system..

Drip Irrigation sales and Installation

Drip Irrigation

There are 2 good reasons to use drip irrigation; first, when dealing with low water pressure because it uses very few gallons per minute. And second...

RPZ Backflow inspection and certification

RPZ Backflow

In Illinois every sprinkler system must have an RPZ back flow device and be inspected and certified every year.

Rain Sensors Installation

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are now required on all installations of irrigation systems because water conservation is getting to be more and more important for all of us.

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Landscape Lawn Sprinkler
Lawn sprinkler Start Up Services.

Lawn Sprinkler Start Up

We offer a lawn sprinkler start up service for any irrigation system. We charge 65.00 plus 5.00 per zone.With this service you get 1 man hour of free labor.

Lawn Sprinkler Start-up
Lawn Sprinkler Designin Northern IL.
Landscape water sprinkler design, sales, Installation and maintenace.

Lawn Sprinkler Design

We consider the landscape to be watered when deciding the type of sprinkler heads to be installed in each zone. Then we use the right gallon per minute nozzle for each particular head to achieve matched precipitation.

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