Crabgrass Preventer for a Beautiful Lawn

 Pre-emergent herbicide that works by inhibiting the growth of seedlings

Dewinterizing Your Sprinkler System

  Adding a herbicide before the seed germinates is required. Crabgrass begins to germinates when the soil temperatures reach 62℃ and a depth of about two-inches.

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That's it, just sit back and enjoy a weed free lawn.


Dewinterizing Your Sprinkler System

 Sprinkler system spring startup

Dewinterizing Your Sprinkler System

  Be sure there is no frozen ground. Then to ensure a successful spring dewinterizing make sure your lawn is ready for spring. This will prevent damage to the sprinler heads and PVC piping.

Now it's time to turn on the control panel, but first check the backup-battery, then turn the power on. Review the current settings for the correct date, time, and zones.

Before turning on the water, the sprinkler heads need to be inspected for damage and that the sprinkler valve close completely. Then thoroughly clean all the nozzles on all the heads. Now don't forget to open the valve(s) and remove the nozzle of the last sprinkler on each branch line. This allow the air to escape.

We alomost there. Next open the main valve slowly. Then check the faraway sprinkler valves and with the sprinkler heads removed. Clean all the dirt and organic matter off. As soon as the water becomes clear, close the valve and screw the nozzle back in.

The last step is to check all the irrigation zones and heads for proper spray patterns. Also, check for sign of low pressure, because there could be a leak.

That's it, just sit back and enjoy a beautiful lawn.


Why does my system continue to cycle?

 Sprinkler system keeps cycling through the zones.

Sprinkler system keeps cycling

  You have more than one start time scheduled. You must get rid of all but one start times except the one you want to check all programs.


Why is one zone running in my yard all the time?

 Sprinkler zone never stops running

Sprinkler zone run continuously

  You have a valve stuck open likely to have a pebble or some other obstruction keeping the valve from fully closing. It must be taken apart and cleaned or replaced.


Why is water puddling around my sprinkler head

 Water puddles around one sprinkler head

puddling around sprinkler head

  You have a seeping valve which slowly fills the line until it overflows at the lowest head on the zone. It must be cleaned or replaced.


Why are sprinkler heads stuck up in my yard after it runs?

 Sprinkler heads wont go down

sprinkler heads stuck

  This usually happens after heads are 7 or more years old. You can clean the shaft with rubbing alcohol and spray with WD 40 they will often work for another season or replace the head.and the problem is gone for another 7 years.


Why does my system run while it's raining?

 Sprinkler system runs in the rain

Sprinkler system runs in the rain

  1) it may be that the sensor switch is in bypass. 2) there has to be enough rain to activate the sensor so it will run until it hits 1/2 inch of rain.


Why does my controller says error?

 Sprinkler controller says error

Sprinkler controller errors

  There is at least one bad solenoid that needs to be replaced.


Why won't my system turn on?

 Sprinkler system won't turn on

Sprinkler system won't turn on

  1) Try bypassing the rain sensor. 2) Make sure all water valves are still in the on position. 3) After checking the first two and it still does not turn on you most likely need a service call it could be a cut cable, bad master valve solenoid, or faulty controller.


Why even though my sprinkler system is running I still have brown spots in my yard?

 Brown spots in my lawn

Lawn has brown spots

1) Hills and full sun areas require more water than the rest of the lawn. If you have a broken head on that zone it will kill the pressure and the other heads will not operate properly.

There are many grass diseases and insects that can cause brown spots grubs being the number one suspect usually creating irregular circles in the lawn.

2) Continued animal urination


Irrigation Start Up

 $75 plus $5 per zone for any irrigation system

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On

  With Allscape Inc, you get one working hour of free labor to be used for sprinkler changes and repairs, or it can be applied to any of our other services.

You also receive! Free service call to be used for sprinkler issues after the startup or for a midseason checkup.


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