Lawn Sprinklers, Rpz Certification, Sprinkler Turn ONs

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

By now you have probably heard about the law requiring back flow inspection and certification. If not, the law is that every sprinkler system in Illinois must have an R P Z back flow device and be inspected and certified every year.

This can only be done by a licensed plumber with a CCDI license (Cross connection Device Inspector), who then must submit paperwork to the city and state. The going price for this service ranges from $90.00 to $125.00.

We have sub contracted a plumber to follow within 7 to 10 days of us after we do the spring startup of your sprinkler system. He will perform this service for all Allscape customers upon request. The charge for the service is $90.00


We can complete most jobs in one day. When we finish there won’t be any trenches, or berms, just level ground with new sod or seed. Please take a moment to view our .