Illinois Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Sensors

Automatic Rain Sensor Shut Off

Wireless sensors are convenient

  The current and most popular sensor uses a hygroscopic disk made of a synthetic material, cork-like, grows when it gets wet. The inflated material triggers a micro-switch once a set-point of rain has fallen. It continue will to grow as the rain falls. The system will reset itself after the stuff dries out. As long as the rain falls, the rain sensor will prevent watering.

The wireless sensor can be hundreds of feet from the controller and easy to install, but it costs two-three times than wired devices. A wireless sensor will also need to have batteries to replace or get one that is solor powered.

All our work comes with a five-year parts guarantee and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Water Conservation is Important

 Rain sensors are now required on all new installations

Lawn Sprinkler Rain Sensor

  There is no reason to feel guilty for running your Allscape sprinkler system because it has solar sync technology.

Hunter solar syncs measure the temperature, rainfall, and photos of sunlight that hits your property and then takes that information to set its watering schedule daily.

This results in no over watering that causes run off and no under watering causing lawn and plants to brown. This system can reduced gallons of water used by an average of 36%.


Lawn Sprinkler Services

 Northen Illinois irrigation system

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On


Your RPZ should be check each spring. Allscape has compiled a list of Northern Illinois plumber for your back flow certification, please call.


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