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  We start by measuring how many gallons your water supply can produce per minute, and what pressure it can maintain while doing it. From that information, we know the maximum number gallons per minute that can come out of any one zone. Then we consider the landscape to be watered. Next, we draw a layout of your lawn sprinkler system making sure that we keep the heads and nozzle sizes within the water supply restrictions. The result is the precise amount of water needed for all the different plants in your landscape.

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  Not every company builds a lawn sprinkler system the same way. There are many short cuts, and inferior ways of making that will affect the quality of your irrigation system. At Allscape we use the best products on the market and spend the time and money it takes to guarantee a perfect lawn sprinkler installation. Over the years we have learned that different companies seem to make individual components of a sprinkler system that are better than the rest. We use Weathermatic controllers and weather stations instead rain sensors, We use K-Rain rotors and misters. We always build with a poly pipe, not PVC. We always make sprinkler head connections with swing joints allowing more flexibility resulting in fewer leaks, and breaks. We still use rectangular valve boxes not.

We always install a solar sync rain sensor on every lawn sprinkler system which not only stops your system after rain but adjusts the sprinkler run times daily according to the weather. This results in a 40 to 50% reduction in water use and means you never have to make seasonal adjustments to your irrigation controller. Irrigation installation has many names and facets, such as underground sprinkler installation, landscape sprinkler installation, automatic sprinkler installation, lawn, and garden sprinkler installation, greenhouse sprinkler installation, and green roof sprinkler installation. No matter which you need, we can install a high-quality automatic sprinkler system that will last a lifetime. All our landscape sprinkler installations come with a five-year warranty on parts and labor.


Underground Sprinkler System Repair

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  Irrigation repair has many names and facets, such as underground sprinkler repair, landscape sprinkler repair, automatic sprinkler repair, lawn, and garden sprinkler repair, greenhouse sprinkler repair, and green roof sprinkler repair.

No matter what kind of system you have, we can repair it. All our repairs come with a five-year warranty on parts and labor.


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Your RPZ should be check each spring. Allscape has compiled a list of Northern Illinois plumber for your back flow certification, please call.


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