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  Allscape designs, installs, and services any lawn sprinkler or irrigation system in Northern Illinois. To schedule an Appoinment click...

Not every company builds a lawn sprinkler system the same way. There are many ways of building that can affect the quality of an irrigation system. At Allscape, we use the best products on the market, and spend the time and money it takes to guarantee a perfect lawn sprinkler installation.

Over the years we have learned that just because one manufacturer builds a good head doesn’t mean they build a good controller.So we use a conglomeration of different manufactures products to end up with the best possible sprinkler system we can build.

Lawn sprinkler design starts with the water supply. We consider the landscape to be watered when deciding the type of sprinkler heads to be installed in each zone. Then we use the right gallon per minute nozzle for each particular head to achieve matched precipitation.

Landscape Rotors and Sprinkler Heads are a basic part of lawn sprinkler design to learn more about lawn sprinklers, misters, or rotors call Allscape today to learn more.

All our work comes with a five-year guarantee on parts, labor and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Lawn Sprinkler Services

 $90 plus $5 per zone for any irrigation system

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On

  With this service, you get one working hour of free labor to be used for sprinkler changes and repairs, or it can be applied to any of our other services.

You also receive! Free service call to be used for sprinkler issues after the startup or for a midseason checkup.

Every season an RPZ certification is required by ordinance.

Your RPZ should be check each spring. Allscape has compiled a list of Northern Illinois plumber for your back flow certification, please call.

Algonquin, Antioch, Arlington heights, Barrington, Barrington Hills, Bartlett, Buffalo Grove, Bull Valley, Cary, Crystal lake, Deer park, Deerfield, Des Plaines, East Dundee, Evanston, Fox lake, Glencoe, Glenview, Grayslake , Green oaks, Gurnee, Hawthorn woods, Highland park, Highwood, Hoffman Estates, Ingleside, Inverness, Island lake, Ivanhoe, Johnsburg, Kenilworth, Killdeer, Lake Barrington, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Lake In The Hills, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Lakewood, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Lincolnwood, Lindenhurst, Long Grove, McHenry, Morton grove, Mt. Prospect, Mundelein, Niles, North Barrington, Northbrook, Northfield, Northshore IL, North West Chicago, Oakwood Hills, Palatine, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, Richmond, Riverwoods, Rolling Meadows, Round Lake, Schaumburg, Skokie, St Charles, Spring Grove, Streamwood, Tower lakes, Vernon Hills, Volo, Wadsworth, Wauconda, Waukegan, Wheeling, Wilmette, Winnetka, Wooddale, Zion

IMPORTANT: Appointment Time is for a TWO-HOUR Window! So, a 7:00 AM appointment has a window of 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM.


Irrigation RPZ

 RPZ certification services

Lawn Sprinkler RPZ Certification

Allscape Inc is the premiere full service landscape and lawn sprinkler company in northern Il.

We provide sprinkler turn on service, repairs, and installation in the spring, in mid-summer sprinkler maintenance, and blow out service in the fall.

RPZ certifcations can only be done by a licensed plumber with a CCDI license, who then must submit paperwork to the city and state.

NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS: RPZ valves must be tested and certified annually as specified in Section 890.1130 of the Illinois Plumbing Code.

Click here for the list of RPZ plumbers by city that can do the backflow test for you.


Lawn Sprinklers Rotors

 Circular or sweeping rotating streams of water

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On

  A rotor is a term that is used to describe various sprinklers heads that rotate a stream of water in a circle or in a back and forth motion.

Yesterday's impact rotors are being replaced with gear driven rotors. These new are quieter, low maintenance, and a smaller profile.

Rotors spacing is from eight feet to sixty-five feet. Rotors with spacings over twenty-feet require a lot of water pressure to operate than spray heads.

Nick's rule of thumb is simple, divide your water pressure by 1.3. That's it! The result is the maximum distance between heads.

So, water pressure of 30lbs yields a maximum distance of twenty-three feet between sprinkler heads.


Lawn Sprinklers Spray Heads

 Fixed small heads that spray water in a fan-shaped pattern

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On

  Fixed spray heads are the small watering heads that spray a fanning pattern.

The nozzles are interchangeable and set the pattern from a half-to-full circle.

The waters spread is also controlled. Exotic patterns can cover extended narrow areas of a lawn.

Spray heads spacing is up to eighteen feet , but is limited by the physics of water pressure of 20 to 30 PSI of water for proper operating.


Rotary Nozzles & Rotators

 Rotary/rotator nozzles are more efficient

Lawn Sprinkler Turn On

  The new miniature rotator nozzles, also classified as “spray heads.”

The rotary nozzles are tiny rotors that are the size of a standard spray sprinkler head.

Rotator nozzles are more efficient because they produce less mist than traditional spray heads.

Water conservation agencies prefer them due to less water evaporation over standard spray heads. Keep in mind these rotary nozzles have a radius of between fifteen and thirty-five feet.

Lastly, the water usage claims are in comparison to spray-heads. Further research is needed.


Landscape Bubblers

 Bubblers water the base roots of trees and shrubs

Landscape Bubbllers

  Bubblers' are used to water the root systems of trees and shrubs.

They are especially useful to establish newly planted trees and shrubs, eliminating the need to manually open hose water the base of each plant.

They can be added to already existing zones as long as pressure and run times allow for their application, or they can be dedicated to a zone of their own.


Drip Irrigation

 Great for gardens & flower beds

Drip irrigation install

There are 2 good reasons to use drip irrigation;

First, when dealing with low water pressure because it uses very few gallons per minute.

And second, when the water supply is from a well with high iron content. Drip irrigation helps with stainning problems from iron but, it also gets clogged due to the iron. It's also better for water conservation of non iron water sources.

Drip irrigation is also the most ecologically friendly form of irrigation because it puts water down where it is needed in very small amounts.


Weather Sensors

 Use water only when it's needed

Lawn Sprinkler senors

  Rain sensors are now required on all new installations of irrigation systems. Water conservation is getting to be more and more important these days.

There is no reason to feel guilty for running your Allscape sprinkler system because we use Weather Matic Smartline Controllers with a weather sensor that connects to the internet weather data for your zip code.

The Smartline Controller changes the watering times daily according to weather conditions. The system measure the temperature, rainfall, and the sunlight that hits your property to set the watering schedule.

This results in no over watering that causes run off and no under watering causing lawn and plants to brown. I installed this on my system and reduced gallons of water used by 36%.


Lawn Sprinkler Blow Out

 Irrigation and Sprinkler Winterize

Lawn Sprinkler Blow out

We offer a lawn sprinkler winterization for $90 plus $5 per per zone.

Sprinkler winterization includes blowing out all pipes, valves and heads to prevent freeze damage. We will also disconnect and remove the pump and or back flow device to be stored for the winter.

Here in Illinois it is very important to have your system winterized. A good rule of thumb is to close before Halloween.


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"We have had Allscape since 2013 when we moved to our home. It was the first time we had an irrigation system for a large lot. They were courteous and knowledgable showing me the system and providing tips for optimal watering. We are always pleased with their service."

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